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About Voronovo District

The Voronovo region is located in the north-west of the Grodno oblast. The region borders on Lithuania in the north (the length of the border is 146 kilometers), the Iviye region in the east, the Lida region in the south, the Schuchin region in the west.

The region was founded on January 15, 1940. The area is 1.4 thousand square kilometers. 

The region includes 1 village and 14 rural councils. There are two towns – Voronovo and Radun, 336 villages in the region.

A railway route Baranovichi-Vilnius, highways Vilnius-Ivatsevichi, Grodno-Vilnius run through the region.

People of 24 ethnicities live in the region (the Poles – 83%, the Belarusians – 10.5%, the Lithuanians – 1.9% and others).

The relief is mostly flat. The prevalent height is 160-180 meters above sea-level. The highest point – 215 meters (near the village of Trakeli).

Minerals: peat, loam, sand-gravel materials.

Rivers: the Zhizhma, the Ditva (with the Radunka tributary), the right tributaries of the Neman. Forests are coniferous and spruce. There are birches and alders in the river valleys. Forests cover 26% of the territory of the region. Soils are sod-podzol, bogged and peat and moory.

As of January 1, 2007, the population of the region was 32.8 thousand people. The majority of the population are rural residents.