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Some settlements of the Voronovo region were first mentioned in chronicles in 1217. Chronicle “Monumenta Germanika” mentions the town of Radun and the village of Zhirmuny.

In 1557 the Radun volost became royal property of Polish King Sigismund Augustus.

In the 15th century the region of Voronovo was part of the Vilnya and Trokai regions of the Great Principality of Lithuania. Apart from the lands which belonged to the state, there were the estates of the families of Gashtold, Glinskie, Tyshkevich and Sapega. In the Russian Empire the Voronovo region was incorporated in the Lida uezd.

1915-1918 – the area is occupied by Kaiser Germany. 

1919-1939 – the area is occupied by Polish troops.

In 1939 – the territory of the region becomes part of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR). 

January 15, 1940 - the Voronovo region is part of the Baranovichi oblast.

June 1944 – July 1944 – the Voronovo region is occupied by the Nazis.

On September 20 1944, the Voronovo region becomes part of the Grodno oblast. In 1962, the Radun region becomes part of the Voronovo region. 

The families of Adam Mickiewicz and Wladislaw Syrokomla trace their roots in the Voronovo region. The name of the poet will remain in the history of the region forever. There he fell in love for the first time and created his famous works.