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Voronovo District is located in the north-west of Grodno Oblast. It borders on the Republic of Lithuania in the north (border length 148 kilometers), Ivye District in the east, Lida District in the south, and Shchuchin District in the west.

The rivers flowing through the district belong to the Neman River Basin. The main tributaries of the Neman River are Ditva and Zhizhma. There are 66 small rivers and streams flowing through the district. Forests cover 28% of the territory of Voronovo District. The highest point is located near the agro-town of Trokeli and is 215 meters above sea level.

The district was established on 15 January 1940. Its total area is 1,400 square kilometers.

Administratively, the district is divided into 12 village councils. Voronovo District has two towns, namely Voronovo and Radun, and a total of 336 population centers. The district is crossed by the Baranovichi-Vilnius railroad and also the Vilnius-Ivatsevichi and Grodno-Warsaw motorways.