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Voronovo District Executive Committee

Nikolai Rozum,
Chairman of the Voronovo District Executive Committee
Phone: 8- (015-94)-2-13-24

Ivan Vintskevich,
First Deputy Chairman,
Head of the Agriculture and Food Department
Phone: 8-(015-94)-2-15-24

Grazhyna Krakhmalchik,
Deputy Chairwoman for Construction and Utilities
Phone: 8-(015-94)-2-15-92

Andrei Karpovich
Deputy Chairwoman for Social Development
Phone: 8-(015-94)-2-14-24

Oleg Tarasov,
Deputy Chairman for Economic Development
Phone: 8-(015-94)-2-14-53

Galina Martinkevich,
Chief of staff
Phone: 8-(015-94)-2-17-24

Address: 34 Sovetskaya Street, Voronovo, 132391

Reception office: 8-(015-94)-2-12-73

Hanevich Alena
Chairman of the Voronovo District Council of Deputies

Phone: 8-(015-94)-21717
Phone: +375-015-94-21717

Reception days: second and third Wednesday of every month

Where: Office 33,
34 Sovietskaya Street, Voronovo (Voronovo District Executive Committee)